8 key principle of social media marketing in 2020 by Samuel Linus

8 Key principles of Social Media Marketing In 2020

It is not new that a lot of people struggle with social media marketing. Some business owners who sell products or services have already given up because it is not just working for them. They don’t get client/customers and make no sales through social media.  

Well if you fall into this category, here are 8 key principles of social media marketing, that can help you and your business. If you use and follow these social media strategies and principles, you will be successful in selling anything on social media. You will learn how to get new customers/client through social media marketing. You will be able to target customer to your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc.

1. Change Your Mindset.

change your mindset

The first principle to implement if you want to sell on social media is to change your mindset. To be able to sell successfully on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media network, you need to change your mentality about social media marketing. A lot of business owner and people create their business account on social platforms and the next thing they do, is to start posting pictures of their product and services, wanting people to buy and contact them immediately. Well if this is what you do, you are going to fail big time, get frustrated and you will keep seeing your competitors say “sold out” while you will be wondering, why you are not making any sales. So the first thing you need to do when changing your mind set is to understand, what social media is used for? A social media platform is where people come to socialize first. They come to meet people to socialize, make new friends, have fun and get entertained. So as a business owner you need to understand that in social media marketing the social aspect comes first before the marketing. You have to socialize with people on the platform, before you move to serious business.

2. Entertain and Inform your audience before you sell to them

It is very important that before you sell, you have to entertain and inform your audience. In social media marketing there is a rule that is called the 80/20 rule, in this rule you are advised to entertain your audience & inform your audience 80%, while you try to sell to them 20%.

Every business owner needs to observe this, you need to entertain & inform your customers more, before you begin to sell to them.

For example, you sell clothes, you need to entertain and inform them about different type of clothes, different ways it can be styled, what is in vogue. You need to give them information about your niche before you start to sell to them, inform them on how to use your product, let them know the value of your products, before you begin to sell to them. It makes them more excited to always see what you have in stock for them. They get to visit your social media business account more, because your page is not boring and not all about sales, but a mixture of information, entertainment and sales. You need to follow this social media strategy, if you actually want to make more sales on your social media platforms.

3. Interact with your audience

The third principle you have to observe is that you need to interact with people, you need to interact with your prospective customer and client. The best way to interact with them is by liking their own post, by liking their comment, if they comment on your post you reply them nicely. You need to engage with your prospective and existing customers, even before they engage with you, but be careful don’t try to spam them, don’t try to oversell to them so you don’t reduce your brand reputation. Interacting with your prospective customer and engaging them, is important so they know you are human and also feel how they feel. You have to network with your customers on the social media sites.

4. Be interested


You need to be interested in your customers, you need to show concern when they share with you pain or stress, they have gone through while trying to get a product or service that is similar to what you do. You need to be able to understand them. You need to show empathy; you need to show interest in them. You need to show your customers that you are interested in their general wellbeing. It makes them feel a lot comfortable around you and your product or services.

5. Plan your content

Anything you want to post on your social media you have to plan your content, plan when you want to post, don’t just post randomly, this helps you to be more organised, one mistake a lot of business owners do is not to have a content plan, for their post and when they post randomly they have no strategy backing this content, you need to learn to have a social media calendar to schedule your post, it is important to have a strategy for your post and contents, so that at the end of the day you get to achieve the required perception you want people to have about your brand. Planning your content also includes you knowing which of the top social media sites to use and understand what content goes on each social media sites. Content marketing is key, so you need to have a content strategy and a social media content calendar in place for your social media site and social networks.

6. Post the right things.

You need to post the right content. Post content that appeal to your target audience, if your target audience are young people post content that would interest them and relate to them, if your target audience is elderly post content that relate to them and attract them, no matter your target audience you have to post content that relate to them. Use the right language while posting your content. When you post the right things your target audience would be interested in what you do.

7. Share and tell your story

You need to share and tell your story. Tell the story behind your person, tell the story behind your brand. Every brand has a story, you need to share this story, how did the brand start, how did you venture into that business, what were you doing before you started this business, people want to know you, people want to know your brand, so tell your story on your social media platform. It helps build trust between you and your prospective client/customers. Bill Gate has a story; Mac Zuckerberg has a story as well, so it is important for you to tell your story as well. Every day we live on earth is a story on its own.

8. Sponsored post / Ad

Always make sure you have sponsored post that is running. Sponsored ads helps you reach people that you can’t reach organically, it helps you reach a wide range of people, people who don’t know your brand become more aware of your brand and business. So you need to run social media campaigns. You can have 8000 followers on Instagram or Facebook and your organic post might just reach 1000 of your followers so it is important for you to run sponsored ads so it can reach more people.

If you follow these 8 principles of social media marketing you can be rest assured that you will make sales regularly and get sold out just like your competitors, so you definitely need to start practicing them right away.

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