This is where YOU say goodbye to poor sales and no customers online

I will help you hit millions in online sales monthly in your current business

Let's talk about business owners that this program changed their lives

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Who is this program for?

This program is strictly for business owners or entrepreneurs who strongly desire to grow their online sales and generate minimum of a million monthly (you can make far more than a million).

If you don’t own, run or manage a business then this program is not for you.

Samuel Linus

Before we proceed, imagine what making a minimum of one million monthly will change in your business and also in your life

  • Your business will be able to grow.
  • You can get yourself what you want, when you want them.
  • You will say goodbye to poverty.
  • You can even get a new car.
  • Move to a new apartment.
  • Travel out time to time and relax.
  • A lot of things, depending on your current need or wants


The aim is not to make a million every month actually, the aim is to meet your marketing/sales target no matter what the target is.

There are so many reasons why you are not hitting your marketing/sales target right now. Let's look at some of them.

You are posting on social media platforms but nobody is buying
People are asking for prices but not buying
You run ads online; you are getting likes but no sales
You don’t understand how all this internet marketing thing works
When you post only few people see your post
To cut the long story short you are confused and maybe frustrated

I have been there before and I understand your pain. Everyday I get messages of business owners like you complaining and that is why I want to help you

When you go through my mentorship program these are what you should expect

  • You will be able to grow your online brand
  • You will know how to outsell and outsmart your competitors
  • You will be able to build an online community that will love you
  • Your online sales will grow like magic
  • And Finally, you will be making minimum of a million monthly

The least budget you can set when you work with me is a million

Remember if you are not selling, someone else is selling and making the money that would have been yours

Let us talk business.

How much will you be willing to pay me to take YOU from
ZERO to A MILLION? (since a million is the minimum budget you can set)


Of course 500k is a good deal when you imagine what a million or more monthly will do for you but I won’t be demanding 500k below is what I charge for my mentorship program.


You will be entitled to 2 Personal coaching sessions and all necessary materials.



You will be entitled to 4 Personal coaching sessions and all necessary materials.

I will execute all plans and strategy with you that means there is no room for mistake.



You will be entitled to scheduled online or physical meeting with me.

All plans and strategy will be communicated to you.

You don’t need to be involved, I and my team will carryout all necessary planning and execution on your behalf.

In other words, you are contracting I and my team.


As much as I would love to work with you, let’s look at some of the reasons why you won’t buy into my mentorship program.

You can’t afford it

If this is the reason why you won’t be jumping on it right now, I fully understand and I wish I can do something about it. Nonetheless, key into my free webinars.

You are not ready yet

No one is ready at anytime to do anything and as much as procrastination is a killer of dreams and success, please don’t let it lead you to poverty. Also note that the fee for the mentorship program will be increasing in few weeks so you take it now or risk taking it at a higher offer.

You think it’s not worth the amount you would pay

I laugh at people who think about this. Now do the maths yourself. I will be teaching and also assisting you to apply how to build your own community, sell like crazy, outsmart your competitors and of course making you a millionaire in your own niche. Think of the happiness, the joy of been successful, getting what you want when you want them and so much more. How much can you give in exchange for such happiness and fulfilment in life? It is way above any amount you can think of, so paying this little token in exchange for all these is way more than worth it.

You don’t trust if I can deliver

I have a track record of success, at 25 I already started my own limited liability company, made my first million online when I was 24. I am the founder of Nerdy Eye, Nigeria’s leading and fast rising tech firm which is focused on digital skill and software development. I am currently on the board of 5 key startups in Nigeria. If you can’t trust someone with all of these, I wonder who you would trust. Above all, I have a name to protect.

You are scared, what guarantee do I have?

100% Money Back Guarantee, if at mid-way in the mentorship program you think it is not for you or you are getting less than you thought or paid for. Demand for a refund and you would get your money back, no risk.